How Virtual Reality is Changing the Marketing Landscape

VR has come off as one of the best marketing tools in 2020. Marketers are using it to create an immersive experience and nail consumer engagement. The result? Consumers are reacting positively to VR marketing. And companies are selling more products in the process. Here are some of the top VR marketing campaigns in 2020.

Retail: TOMS Shoes

TOMS recently created an “a walk in their shoes” campaign that allows customers to see how their purchases can change some”s life. Since the business model is based on making a positive impact, the company is taking people on virtual tours across the globe. For example, if you buy a pair of TOMS in California, the team can take you on a virtual tour to Columbia to meet a child that will benefit from your purchase. The response has been overwhelming so far.

New: New York Times

The New York Times dared to change how people consume the news. They created virtual reality films and went ahead to give VR glasses to their most loyal customers. However, their content appeals to intellectuals and philanthropists who enjoy watching Pluto documentaries or films about displacement in war zones. Still, this strategy has cemented the company’s relationship with its most loyal clients.

Travel: Thomas Cook Travel Agency

Thomas Cook, a UK-based travel agency, created a “Try before you fly” campaign that allowed prospects to visit destinations virtually. While this campaign did not take off, the idea is still valid for people in the travel industry. Holiday seekers get to check out all the hot spots, accommodation and even food options in their destinations. And that is a great example of what VR marketing can do for B2B and B2C tourism circles.

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