Can Virtual Reality Help With Exercise?

Everyone knows that a balanced diet and a reasonable amount of exercise each week are essential for a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes fitting in exercise can be tricky with today’s modern busy lives but finding ways to make it different and fun can help a lot. Computer technology has evolved a great deal in recent years and it can be used to help you to boost your exercise regime.

Boost duration

When people encounter discomfort during an exercise session they are less likely to finish and therefore it reduces the possibility of them exercising on a regular basis – they’ll avoid it to avoid any discomfort. Exercising better is essential and VR can have a positive psychological effect as it can help you to ignore the negative sensation of discomfort and help you to work through them. This will help to see the benefits of exercise sooner and this will help to keep you motivated.

Reduce heart rate

Research has been carried out into the effect of using a VR headset while exercising and it showed that those who do have a lower heart rate, reduced pain and experience less internal tension. They were also able to exercise for longer without feeling tired. People are able to exercise for longer without the heart being placed under great stress.

Achieving perfection

The desire to achieve perfection in performance is what keeps the sports industry going. This includes the development of clothing and equipment such as resistance bands, aerodynamic bicycles and running shoes. The VR used for monitoring performance will help to identify how well current designs are working and will help to perfect them for optimum performance. Using exercise equipment such as resistance bands can also be useful for helping to keep your balance. When you first start using a VR headset it can be a little disorientating and the bands give you stability so you’ll become accustomed to VR much more quickly.

Boost performance

VR has been used as a training aid in a number of different sports including cycling and football. The technology can be used to monitor performance so that any areas that need improvement can be picked up and worked on.

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