Here’s What the Virtual Reality Industry is Cooking for the Future

Virtual reality has been creating a buzz for some time now, but is it ready for prime time? The short answer is a resounding no. VR hardware is still prohibitively expensive. And, most of the accessible options need a high-end PC to work. If they can overcome this price hurdle, the industry will be golden.

Here’s what you can expect from the VR industry in the future.

VR will Take Time before Going Mainstream

VR is a game-changer, and everybody knows that. However, the technology is still in its infancy at this point. The world is trying to go wireless, but the most affordable VR equipment comes with lots of wires. While this is a small price to pay, most people will only see the inconvenience of dealing with a cable mess.

Until the market leaders integrate VR equipment with the cloud, the technology will always take the back seat.

VR will Change the Way People Learn

Nothing is more exciting than travelling back to the dinosaur age to see how the world looked like then. Or visualizing a complex task like operating on a virtual patient to prepare for the real deal. Not only will this concept be exciting, but it will also change how people learn. Expect to see a lot of progress in this front, especially now that 5G is rolling out in most parts of the country. It will enable people to outsource the heavy lifting, and that’s how they will bring down the costs of equipment.

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